After spending some time on my blog here, I know you’re impressed – right?

Just kidding, just trying to toot my own horn here!

Well, to be honest, I’ve spent a lot of time creating the content you see here and one of my main goals with Chasing Anne is to inspire others to start blogging and begin their own journey of making money online as well.

Blogging, setting up your new site, internet marketing, and monetizing a blog can seem quite daunting for a beginner, and when I first started out I spent hours agonizing over every little detail.

By the way, if you need some help starting your own blog, I recommend taking a look at my super helpful guide that I wrote on how to start a blog.

It’s super easy to get started, just don’t forget to pick up your hosting right here and you can be on your way for just a few dollars each month!

For those of you that already have your blog but are still stuck wondering what to do next – don’t worry, I’m still here for you guys!

I love blogging, writing different types of content, and even designing blogs so they look amazing. In that case, I can help you out with an in-depth blog audit, provide you with some awesome content if you’re too busy to write your own, get your blog setup for you so that it’s running smoothly, and I can even give you some one-on-one coaching through email depending on the type of help that you’re looking for.

It’s a passion of mine to help other people, especially bloggers, and I’d love to see you be able to grow your blog and online business into something incredible!

Be sure to scroll down to check out my different services, and if there’s something else you’d like some help with please don’t hesitate to email me at any time.

blog services

Blog Audits – $25

My in-depth blog audit will provide you with a better idea of the various improvements you can make with your blog.

I’ll take a look at your current content structure, on-page SEO, site speed, traffic levels, and your social media activity to let you know where improvements need to be made and how you can implement these changes.

I will also provide you with a detailed list of how you can better monetize your blog, whether you’re not earning anything at all or you’re already doing quite well – there is always room for improvement!

The blog audit results will be provided in PDF form, so you can quickly refer to everything and easily make the changes you need to.

Each report takes me about 4-7 days, depending on the size of the blog, and all our contact will be done through email.

Blog Starter Package – $200

Starting your own blog can be overwhelming, so why not save yourself the time and hassle and just have someone with experience set everything up for you?

With my blog starter package we will set up your hosting together, and I’ll then install WordPress, install your theme, customize your theme for you, integrate your social media accounts, get you three different logos to choose from, and even install all essential plug-ins and widgets for you.

Keep in mind that this price does not include hosting, you’ll have to set that up on your own, although I am available to walk you through all of the steps.

Click here to purchase your hosting and then we can get started on building your blog for you!

Freelance Writing (Blog Content) $35/1000 words

Too busy to write your own content and craft your own blog posts regularly?

Then I’m just the girl you’re looking for!

Your blog posts are the foundation of your blog, and without them it’s nearly impossible to get anywhere with traffic, monetization, or even building an audience.

My unique content can help to boost your online visibility and give your blog the nudge it needs to take you to the next level.

I can write about a variety of different topics, although my focus is on blogging, travel, personal finance, and anything travel related.

As for my portfolio, I encourage you to check out the different posts here on my blog to get a better look at my writing style and personality.

Prices start at $35/1000 words with a 1000 word minimum!

July 28, 2017